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You're Enough For the Rest of My Life...

Darlin.. Please Don't Go...

15 November
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*waves* Hi ! I'm Iesha.

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Charmed 1998-2006

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On Mark Mulder
Candis: he's actually one of the sexiest men ive ever laid eyes on, but i would definitely say no in deference to you
Iesha : WHOO HOO I love you
Candis: as long as you conceded Hugh Grant to me
Iesha : oh of course

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Things I want to do before I die

1) Drum Lessons from Z. Hanson
2) Make Sweet Sweet Love to Mark Mulder.
3) Survive a Helicopter Crash
4) Find out what a 'Rockerball' is.
5) Watch the Red Sox win a World Series
6) To own a barn
7) To NAIL a cowboy

J: On that note, my friend would really like to know what a Rockerball is.

T: A Rockerball. Well, Rockerball is the name of a person, the character. “Rockerball had to stay.”

I: “Rockerball had to find a way to ease his rocker mind, Rockerball couldn't stay cause there's nothing left”

T: Its, you know, like a rock opera, that song. Its about the ultimate belief. “Rock and Roll Razorblade,” for the article, I would say, is one of the songs that we gave only to the Hanson fan club members but really will probably end up being one of those truly cult Hanson songs that more and more people will begin to hear.

I: It'll spread beyond the hardcore Hanson fans because they've copied it and have passed it around to everybody.

T: It’s a very ethemic song for us because the chorus is “Watch me bleed, rock and roll razorblade.” And it’s all about the razorblade, kind of the addiction, like when you’re cut, it scars and bleeds and sort of -

Z: It’s not about cutting yourself and mutilating yourself. It’s about when you experience what making music is supposed to be like.

T: Music is the razorblade. And the experience is the razorblade. And Rockerball is this character that finds music, is cut by the rock and roll razorblade

I: Discovers himself.

T: Discovers himself through it. Then goes out to Los Angeles, wants to be successful, and then sees over and over and over again it’s never about the music, but he’s going to survive. There’s nothing left in this town for him, so he leaves, he goes to LA. It’s all dried up there, too. But he’s still going to survive because he’s been cut by the rock and roll razorblade, and he’ll keep doing it, no matter what. And that’s our anthem. You know, screw everything else. Life is so full of complacency and to be passionate is so rare. And Rock and roll razorblade, once it cuts you, you’ll never be the same. It’s never going to not leave that scar, leave that mark.

J: Well, she’ll be quite pleased with that.

Drummers must learn how to twirl their sticks. It's impressive as hell.

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